A Group of South Korean Travel Journalists Get a Taste of Kosovo

A four-day trip around Kosovo visiting some of the country’s top tourism attractions provided a group of travel journalists from the Republic of South Korea with an opportunity to explore Kosovo as a destination.  

“Kosova is great. I had a different opinion of Kosovo, but it is a safe country. Everything is beautiful,” said Lauren Kim, one of the seven travel journalists.

History, landscapes, spirituality, hospitality and food were some of the elements included in the press trip that was organized by the Embassy of Kosovo in Japan in cooperation with Turkish Airlines, and with the support of Swisscontact’s Promoting Private Sector Employment Project. In-country, the trip was organized by Fibula travel agency.

The press trip itinerary presented the journalists with intense experiences. They visited spiritual sites, older and recent historical sites and memorials, landscapes and traditional stonehouses. The group had the opportunity to taste the local dishes, and even participate in the making of traditional food. Furthermore, they learned about local customs through traditional music performance and storytelling.

The purpose of such press trips is to promote Kosovo internationally as an attractive tourism destination.