February 16, 2018

Call for Proposals Introducing Specialized Seedling Producers (Seedling Nurseries)

The Promoting Private Sector Employment (PPSE) project is financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Kosovo (SDC). It is implemented by Swisscontact as lead partner, in a
consortium with Riinvest Institute. The overall goal of the project is to provide sustainable gainful employment for women and men in Kosovo through SMEs that operate in competitive and well organized economic sectors (Tourism and Food and Natural Ingredients). In November 2017, the PPSE started Phase II that runs through November 2021.

Under its Food and Natural ingredients sector, PPSE will facilitate sector development interventions, among others, aiming to increase production in the farm level so the local producers meet the demand of the processing industry, fresh and the export markets. The Opportunity Fund (OF) is a co-financing mechanism of PPSE to boost sustainable growth of private sector employment creation for youth and women, through interventions that test new, innovative and risky ideas, and offer an opportunity for a market shift, leading to significant growth of private sector and promising job creation.

Purpose of the Call: Vegetable production in Kosovo is one of the most important sectors of agricultural production, whereas in some regions it represents the main economic activity. Apart from the seed quality, proper nutrition of the plant and proper application of plant protection, the seedling production method has a significant impact on the quality of the seedlings; a key factor for high yield vegetable production. Existing vegetable seedling producers in Kosovo use traditional methods and lack modern technology, which is crucial for the production of high quality seedlings.

Currently there are no specialized nurseries for vegetable seedling production. Specialized vegetable seedling production is considered production in greenhouses used only for vegetable seedling production characterized by the following elements:
– Greenhouse structure and design
– Incubator/ germination room
– Computerized heating, ventilation and cooling
– Computerized irrigation system
– Professional tables
– Planting machinery
– Environmental control systems – Disease management

Eligible Applicants:
– Private sector companies operating in agriculture sector in Kosovo
– Experience in seedling production (highly recommended)
– Proof of buyers (pre-contracts with industrial producers/processors and other buyers)
– At least 3 years operating in vegetable production
– The minimum greenhouse size of the nursery should be 0.2ha
– Preferable expertise in the vegetable production

We do NOT support: operational costs related to seedling production (cost of seed, maintenance, fertilizers, salaries, utilities, etc). Financial support and matching funds: Applicants should ensure matching funds contribution by at least 50% of the total project. Maximum contribution of PPSE will be €100,000. Priority will be given to the applicants with a higher share of investment. Evaluation Criteria:

Application: Parties interested to apply for this opportunity, should send an e-mail to: ibrahim.bejtullahu@swisscontact.org requesting the Concept Note form to be filled. For more information, please contact Ibrahim Bejtullahu ibrahim.bejtullahu@swisscontact.org or Alida Muhaxhiri alida.muhaxhiri@swisscontact.org Practical technical skills expertise/consultancy will be offered for the winning project. Short-listed applicants will be asked to submit the full proposal.

Deadline for application is 05.03.2018


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