October 11, 2017

Certified Providers of Child Care Services Now Join the Labor Market in Kosovo

Working with children is a real profession. As such, it requires knowledge how children grow or skills to communicate effectively with both children and their parents. Child care providers must be qualified and trained to be able to provide services at high standards and help raise the children of the community. The Women’s Business Association SHE-ERA conducted a specialized training program for care services, including childcare. 92 people, of whom 2 men, have graduated the program, and are the future childcare providers for families or as part of educational institutions.

Narta Neziri Nuka is a young mother of a 9-month baby girl. In a few weeks, her maternity leave ends, and she goes back to work. When she heard about the training program by SHE-ERA, she decided to hire one of the newly graduated childcare providers. “I like the fact that this service provides security, and trained providers” she said. Narta interviewed several candidates but she knew right away that Besarta was the right one for her baby. Besarta Berisha, currently studying for her master’s degree in sociology of education, is happy with the new job. They signed the employment contract, and both are about to embark a new journey, each in the professional paths they have chosen.


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