PEM Consult

PEM Consult is an independent private consulting firm from Germany. The company provides advisory services and technical assistance to public institutions, private sector organizations and individual enterprises.

Since its foundation in 1977, PEM has been operating in all major fields related to economic development and gained in-depth experience in a range of geographic, economic and political settings. From its very beginning, PEM recognised the vital role of private entrepreneurial activities for the sustainable development of econ­omies. Consequently the company focused on specialised and comprehensive consulting services, technical assistance as well as vocational education and training in the sector of private micro, small and medium enterprises (SMME) in developing countries and countries in transition.  PEM’s project concepts always include a strong institution building element, aimed at strengthening private sector organisations and public institutions involved in economic development, thus, enabling a constructive public-private dialogue.  Over the years, PEM also established close working relations with organisations specialised in academic research, technical and vocational training, SME support and small business finance. As a privileged partner of these organisations, PEM has access to their expertise, training tools, services and other facilities.

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