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Enhancing Vegetable Seedling Production to Increase Yield and Quality

“The vegetable seedling nursery it not the only one that benefits from the enhanced technology. The impact reaches the entire chain of vegetable production and collection, resulting in better products and increased income for all” says Dr. Skender Ramadani, owner of Fidanishtja e Godancit.

On 4 October 2018, Fidanishtja e Godancit, a specialized vegetable seedling nursery, signed a partnership agreement with Swisscontact’s Promoting Private Sector Employment. The goal of this agreement is to support this business improve the seedling production technology and production capacities. This activity aims to address challenges in the system posed by obsolete technology, managerial skills of farmers, and inadequate advisory services.

Further, the agreement seeks to establish a sustainable model of contract farming and other good agricultural production practices, for which, production of seedlings is an important step that directly impacts higher yield and quality of crops.