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The Making of Peja a 'Safe Travels' Destination

Through the latest collaboration between the Municipality of Peja and the Promoting Private Sector Employment project, tourism operators in the area will be issued the 'Safe Travels' certificate.

 "The 'Safe Travels' protocol is crucial to the tourism sector due to the situation created by COVID-19. It ensures the security of tourists, visitors, and employees and the continued functioning of hotels, restaurants, and tour operators," says Baki Hoti, President of the Kosovo Tourism Union, which will provide the 'Safe Travels' training, monitoring, and certification of some 26 tourism units in Peja, as stated in the memorandum of understanding signed between the Municipality of Peja and PPSE.

 Once businesses are issued the certificate, they will provide services and products in full compliance with the preventive measures put in place by the protocols. Apart from providing a safe environment for clients and employees alike, the 'Safe Travels' stamps adds value to the destination.