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Call for Proposals: Development of Prishtina Brand and Digitalization of Info Point

We invite interested parties to apply for the development of Prishtina brand and the digitalization of info-point. 

PPSE is collaborating with the Municipality of Prishtina – Department of Culture, Youth and Sports in the field of tourism, for the second year now (signed MoU in March 2019) specifically in finding the best modalities for proper management and reutilisation of cultural attractions, developing new tourism products and attractions and providing the necessary skills set to develop the capacities of cultural guides in Prishtina Municipality. Therefore, PPSE will support The Department of Culture, Youth and Sports within the Municipality of Prishtina by engaging a local company that will support the Municipality in digitalizing the Info Point and create the touristic brand for Prishtina.

Please download the Terms of Reference from the link below:  

How to apply: The applicants must submit all the required documents by electronic mail at [email protected]  

Deadline for application: All documents must be submitted latest by 9 October, 2019 COB.

Inquiry Period: If you need additional information in regard to any part of this ToR, please send us your question by electronic mail until 27 September, 2019 on [email protected]