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Harnessing the Power of ICT to Develop Tourism in Kosovo

A two-day interactive workshop that kicked off on 1 June 2017 in Prishtinë/Priština brought together local ICT and tourism experts to better align their work and expand opportunities and promote Kosovo together.

“Digital Trends and Opportunities” workshop seeks to explore more innovative ideas, even remotely, and the key digital trends which, if used wisely, can result in new products. The workshop is facilitated by Nick Hall from Digital Tourism Think Tank, a destination marketing company, specializing in digital, trends and strategy.

“First, we organized a session to identify obstacles and opportunities of a better cohesion between ICT and tourism,” says Drern Zatriqi, PPSE tourism facilitator. “This workshop that followed is part of a pilot intervention in the tourism sector by which we seek to introduce ICT in tourism and its innovative products in Kosovo.”.

The workshop is organized by Travel Massive and supported by PPSE.