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Increasing Productivity at Farm Level through Improved Sharing of Knowledge

Relevant, reliable and useful information is key to increasing productivity at farm level. Improvement of the existing information-sharing system is the aim of the partnership agreement that PPSE signed in September 2018 with representatives of the Association of Agricultural Input Dealers - SHTIB.

The expected impact and change of this cooperation is to have farmers make well-informed decisions, take advantage of market opportunities and manage ongoing changes in their production system, enabled through a strengthened association with power to advocate on behalf of the sector, provision of updated and ongoing training to agronomists, farmers and agricultural pharmacies, and strengthened local and regional networks.  

Modern and safe agriculture production involves access to proper information, tools and input by farmers. “The tools we will acquire with the PPSE support may not have a high price value but their value in improving services and results is priceless”, said Refik Shabani, President of SHTIB Association.