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Know the Clients and Adapt Product Marketing

On the second day of the International Tourism Fair Preparations training organized by PPSE, participants deepened their insights into typology and format of tourism products to be marketed, and the strategies for preparation of promotion and commercial materials, how to maximize coverage at the trade fair, and how to communicate better with the increasingly hyper-segmented market. More specifically, how to tailor tourism products to the continuously changing demand from the clients.

Trainer José María de Juan Alonso from KOAN Consulting, Spain, highlighted that communication is transversal before, during and after the fair but there are some special topics to bear in mind. “Images and messages should stick to some easy to recognize value, something universal, as our clients become more and more specialized,” emphasized the trainer. “They do not come to us anymore only for adventure, but for adventure related to something else: culture, botanic world, archaeology, women entrepreneurship to mention just a few”.