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Kosovo Ready to Roll

A group of film industry experts participating at the annual Prishtina international film festival PriFest, went on two one-days trips to explore Kosovo’s less known landscapes and locations that have potential to be transformed in filming sites. The location scouting agenda included visits to the mountains of Western Kosovo, archaeological park of Ulpiana, the large industrial complex of Trepça and other spots.

Apart from promoting Kosovo as a tourism destination, this activity sought to highlight also the country’s attractiveness for the filming industry. To conduct this activity, Swisscontact’s project in Kosovo Promoting Private Sector Employment partnered with the international Prishtina film festival PriFest.

In addition to the two location scouting trips, the PriFest organized “Kosovo Ready to Roll”, a forum discussion focusing on human resources, capacities and locations that Kosovo has to offer to international productions. Veronika Schaenderl from Swisscontact, as one of the four panelists at the discussion talked about the potential for tourism if using Kosovo as co-production location; the requirements of the film industry towards the tourism industry, necessary to make Kosovo a co-production location, and common points of the film industry and the tourism industry.

The activity was part of PPSE work in supporting the development of the tourism sector in Kosovo, in particular through international promotion and increased number of international travelers and their stay in the country.