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Making Adventure Dreams Come True

For SuperXplorers,a dream came true this summer. The month of July 2021 witnessed the first edition of Eja n’Sharr Fest / Go to Sharr Fest - an old idea turned into a festival full of mountains; cultural and sports activities in the Sharr National Park. The initiative from SuperXplorers, supported by the SDC through the Promoting Private Sector Employment was not only to bring people together to explore a less known destination such as that at the heart of the Sharr mountain called Guri I Zi (The Black Stone), but also, to promote and present the touristic potential of the area. The festival agenda was composed of events and networking activities between tourism stakeholders, discussion on the tourism promotion through different campaigns, and experience of the local offer.

After a long hike to the location, more than 100 participants were accommodated in the nearby guesthouses and in the camping tents.

The adventure started with a midnight hike to the Skarpa peak (2474lmd) in chase of an unforgettable experience, sunrise in one of the peaks of Sharr mountain range. For three days, the participants had the opportunity to experience a long list of activities and adventures such as kayaking, walk the Via Ferrata, paraglide, off-road safari in Restelica’s Meadows, CrossFit in nature, cycling, and so on. 

Over the past years, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC through the PPSE supported the creation of many of the products and tourism activities offered at GoTo Sharr Fest. Eja n’Sharr Fest / Go to Sharr Fest aims to become a traditional festival and will be held again next year with many more surprises and the most innovative approach.