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Making Opportunities for Made-In Kosovo Products

In collaboration with the Network of Albanian Diaspora Businesses (NADB), PPSE project brought together over 30 representatives of various business sectors in Kosovo, mainly producers, to discuss about international promotion opportunities.

The upcoming NADB project is Albexpo, which aims to promote made-in Kosovo products to the world markets and promote export too. “One of the main goals of our network is to support the economic development of the country. At the current stage, our well-organized network all over the world is looking into what Kosovo has to offer, and find market for any business that is ready to export,” said Naim Dedushaj, Head of the NADB Regional Office in Prishtinë/Priština.

The NADB is looking to organize the Albexpo event in April to link Kosovo businesses with the ones in the Diaspora, as the first step to export promotion.