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Semester Report 2020 

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Tourism Product development – Activity Description 

Promoting entrepreneurship through expertise 
Imparting technical skills through volunteer work

The aim of this study was to assess the most prominent issues that prevail in the relationship between retail chains and local producers/processors (with emphasis in food processing sector) in Kosovo. 

Demand, Supply, and Options for Expanding Childcare Availability in Kosovo

This report outlines the findings of the PPSE funded “Tourism Supply Side Survey in Western Kosovo 2015”, undertaken in the municipalities of Peja, Decan and Junik (Western Kosovo), with firms engaged in Tourism activities. This Tourism supply side report for 2014 provides analysis of the tourism industry in Western Kosovo, by focusing on those activities that provide goods and services to visitors.

Report by InTER and OutdoorIN, North Mitrovica

Assessment done by ProFound Advisers in Development in order to understand the Non Wood Forest Products sub sector dynamics in Kosovo, identify challenges, opportunities, and interventions. Powerpoint presentation contains analysis, and recommendations.

Report written by MDP Consulting on possible tourism product development for Peja/Peć, Decan/Dečani, Junik, and Gračanica. 

Result of Western Kosovo Tourism Exit Survey 

Results of Western Kosovo Tourism Baseline Survey

Drafted by ProFound-Advisers in Development

Food Processing Sector Market Strategy Report

Tourism Sector Market Strategy Report