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Second agreement signed for modernization of seedling nursery

Suhareka, Aug 9, 2022
We met Besar Kryeziu in the Municipality of Suhareka to sign the partnership agreement for the modernization of his nursery, BesJet. Through the co-financing of the nursery project, the aim is to improve the production of high-quality seedlings and greater yield to supply farmers in the area.
Besar will ensure that his specialized seedling nursery increases production capacity through the reconstruction of the greenhouse, employment of new modern equipment for irrigation, planting, heating and cooling systems and setting up the germination room.
Promoting Private Sector Employment project, through the food sector, supports activities aimed at qualitative and sustainable production of food products, as well as promoting contracted production.
PPSE is a project of the Swiss Development Agency and is implemented by Swisscontact in Kosovo and the Riinvest Institute.