Media is a Powerful Ally in Promoting Women’s Role in the Economy

On 2 February 2017, the Association of Journalists of Kosovo (AJK) awarded the best online story on the role that women play in the economic development of a country, and the importance of greater inclusion of women in the workforce. 

The award concluded an activity designed by PPSE project under the women’s economic empowerment component aiming to increase the visibility and participation of women in different spheres of economy. For this activity, PPSE partnered with the Association of Journalists of Kosovo that organized a two-day training in November 2016 for journalists from various media outlets to increase their capacities and knowledge for reporting on women’s economic empowerment, and presenting positive female role models who are already empowered. The stories submitted for the contest were a result of that training. 

Artinë Muçiqi from author of the best story, said she is more motivated to continue writing about this topic in the future.