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Supporting Establishment of a Sustainable Social Enterprise in the Service of the Community

In service of the community. What does this phrase mean according to TOKA? Jehona Gjurgjeala, the Executive Director of this non-profit organization, which is active in Kosovo since 2015, says: “caring about more than your immediate surrounding and doing what you can for those less fortunate than you”.

On 30 October 2018, TOKA and PPSE signed a partnership agreement, the expected outcomes of which are a feasibility study for the upcoming TOKA Center to support the transition towards its establishment as social enterprise, with the tangible project of establishing and running one recreational and hospitality center in Kosovo.

“Unfortunately, Kosovo is still a poor country and those who want to serve the community in a sustainable way, need to be creative, as the only way to ensure sustainability is to generate your own income. TOKA Center aims to do precisely that for the community”, says Jehona. In the process, the activity will contribute to the existing research on Kosovo legal framework on social enterprises.