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The Crucial Role of Women in Farm Management and Related Processes

A group of ten women farmers from Mamushë/a and Napërbisht village, attended a one-day training on farm management and best farming practices. Concepts such as systematized labor division, planting practices, irrigation and crop rotation were among the key topics discussed.

The training was delivered by agronomist Edita Mahmuti, who facilitated sharing of knowledge among women farmers. She provided them with updated information on important aspects of farm management, such as journal-keeping. “Journal-keeping is a particularly helpful tool for farmers to note down revenues, expenses, also dates when transactions and farming activities take place. This really makes planning, but also your life, easier,” said trainer Mahmuti to the training participants.

Zylfije Hoti, a farmer from Napërbisht, talked about how they assign farm-related tasks in her household. “Women are actively involved in all stages of farm-work management, especially planting and harvesting,” she said. Training participants each discussed their roles in their family farms.

The training was organized by collection center Euro-Taç with PPSE support.