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Value Chain Presents Opportunities for the Region

On 16 May 2017, the Regional Convention on Walnuts and Hazelnuts organized in Skopje brought together representatives of the private sector, government institutions, development agencies and academia. The focus of the convention proceedings was on the potential for growth and support of the walnuts and hazelnuts value chain in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia.

“International demand for hazelnuts and walnuts is increasing”, said Aleksandar Jovanović who presented the findings and conclusions of a regional study on this value chain conducted by a group of regional consultants. According to the report, there is potential for expansion in the region.

Part of the convention proceedings were also two panel discussions on the topics of sector growth opportunities and perspectives, and enabling environment or policy framework.

The Regional Convention on Walnuts and Hazelnuts was organized jointly by Swisscontact’s Promoting Private Sector employment Project in Kosovo, and Increasing Market Employability Program in Macedonia.