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Vlog competition for promoting hidden touristic gems in Kosovo

Call for vloggers, nature and tourism enthusiasts to join our first competition to promote beautiful and lesser-known destinations in Kosovo

We all know uncharted destinations in Kosovo that we would like to be more developed and frequented by more tourists.

Share your fun and send us your vlog by tagging one of our social media accounts to enter the competition:

Facebook: PPSE Program Swisscontact

Instagram: @ppsekosovo

Twitter: PPSE_Kosovo

Email: [email protected]

Rules to enter the competition for the best vlog:

· 1-3 minutes long and shot inside the territory of Kosovo

· Be in one of the official languages of Kosovo

· Include a narration that sincerely and in an entertaining manner shows the potential of a location/place and why it must be visited

· Be original and recorded specifically for the competition

· Must not contain unacceptable or hate speech

· Only one entry per person

· In case your vlog contains music, it must be from the public domain or with permission from the creator

PPSE can use the vlogs in the competition for non-profit reasons and share them on social media.

The vlog competition will launch on July 11 and the vlogs can be submitted for the competition by August 15, 23:59

The winners will be announced on August 19th.

Evaluation criteria:

Content, creativity and style – 50%

Social media activity and engagement (like, share, views) – 50%


  • 1st place €800
  • 2nd place €600
  • 3rd place €400