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Winter sports: Your guide to Kosovo’s new winter sports products

 The cold and snowy months of winter bring together enthusiasts who eagerly anticipate the return to slopes and estivate their adventurous spirit. For those that don’t find ultimate happiness in strapping the boots and skis and occupying the hilly terrains – there are many other fun stuff to do in winter. Snow Biking, Air Boards, Snake Gliss, and Ski Touring are only some of them!

 Kosovo has long been known as the perfect skiing destination for those who seek both safe and extreme winter sports and over the past years, mountaineers and alpine fans have been trying a lot of other activities for their pleasure. The need and desire to share their curiosity with other enthusiasts brought up a lot of ideas for product development, which combined with the improvement of operating capacities for the tourism offer, have enriched the tourism offer in the country.

 But, what are the most exciting winter sports for ski-free thrill-seekers?

 In favorable snow conditions, snow biking is an easy and very safe winter sport. The fat bikes used in this sport are usually smaller than snowmobiles, narrow, light, and easier to maneuver. On top of being a great touring adventure, it also makes outdoor exercise possible. This is one of the sports that 3klika LLC, a company based in Kosovo offers, together with Air Boards and Snake Gliss in the Brod region. All these sports are great for those who like outdoor sports. speed and sledding! While during snow biking you sit and ride, air board is a “sled” that takes you downhill without much effort and which can be stopped and be controlled at speed – making it possible to use the same terrains as skiers and snowboarders. On the other hand, the “snake” taking over the slopes followed by laughter is a Snake Gliss! This activity is perfect for groups or families and it involves a bigger number of sleds being tied up together and descending from the top of a mountain.

 Another great and widespread snow sport is Ski Touring. During this activity, the tourist goes up and down the hill with skis. For those wanting to travel across and in the serenity of mountainous areas on skis, in the Sharr, Brod, and Prevalle, three tour operators introduced this product to the tourism market, E-19, Wander, and Albanicum Outdoor. In essence, ski touring is an off-piste activity and it is usually done on steep slopes. The process takes a little bit more time and the touring skis are lighter than those of skiing but the activity requires other gears and/or equipment.

 The development of the above-mentioned products was supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation through its PPSE Swisscontact project. The intervention in developing tourism products aims at contributing to the increase in the number of domestic and international tourists as well as their stay in tourist destinations, by continuously supporting tour operators in introducing new adventure products and adding value to the outdoor tourism offer in Kosovo.