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Women Farmers Increasingly Interested in Medicinal Aromatic Plant Cultivation

More women farmers in Kosovo are using family-owned land to cultivate different medicinal aromatic plants. Commercializing cultivation of the medicinal and aromatic plants and promoting these crops has been amongst main intervention area of PPSE, considering the potential for employment and income generation.

In 2018, PPSE partnered again with woman-owned company 99 LULE to bring in more women farmers and introduce new crops that are in high demand by the local market. In addition to sage and calendula that were cultivated the previous year, through this year’s activity women farmers are cultivating chamomile, metha, oregano and lemon balm.    

Ardiana Bytyçi who lives in Shashkoc, a village near Pristina, recently joined the network of women farmers established by 99 Lule. She organized an open field day at her family plot, thus providing an opportunity for other women farmers to learn about the benefits of cultivating MAPs and share experiences. More women farmers are turning to cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants as a way of earning more income.