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Youth in Kosovo Acquire New Skills to Help them Find Jobs in the Hospitality Industry

Some forty youth from Gračanica/Graçanica acquired new skills to help them find work in the hospitality industry, mainly as waiters, and be better at their job. With the summer season already here, there will be plenty of employment opportunities for them.

Teodora Đokić, one of the participants, received today the certificate of having successfully completed the required theoretical and practical training for waiters. “There is a lot I can do. I can get a part-time job as a waitress, or open my own business and use the knowledge to train my employees,” says Teodora. “Actually, the skills we learned are useful in any kind of job which involves communicating with people.” Also, Teodora can now give excellent advice on how to pair food with the right wine, and that is very important too.

“We are very happy with the training,” says Boban Petrović from Tourism Organisation Gračanica that organized the training, with PPSE support. ‘Through this training we support restaurants and hotels in our area to improve the quality of service, and therefore attract more visitors and tourists. We are exploring the possibility of expanding to other regions”.